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Mana Wright

Acupuncture & Treatments in the heart of St Albans

Welcome to Mana Wright

Acupuncture & Treatments 

Mana is an experienced Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) practitioner, located at 16 Lower Dagnall Street, St Albans AL3 4PA.

Mana has a special focus on the treatment of pain in its many forms, through her unique combination of acupuncture, massage and knowledge of other holistic therapies. 

All her treatments are bespoke and focused on the resolution of your pain.

The types of pain that Mana treats are varied, but she has a great deal of successful experience with fertility, migraines, tinnitus, tennis elbow and sciatica.

You can read more about Mana here.


Mana uses acupuncture in her therapies to treat a wide range of conditions from wellbeing maintenance to digestive or menstrual issues.


All of Mana's treatments are totally bespoke and focused on your specific needs from pain resolution to relaxation.

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