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"I was suffering from tinnitus in my right ear when I decided to see Mana for treatment. I had had a hearing test and general check up but there was no obvious cause of my tinnitus. Mana treated me with a combination of  acupuncture, cupping and massage. I responded well from the treatment and the ringing in my right ear started to ease. It felt like Mana was drawing it out and pushing it away. I always felt very tired after each treatment and so rested as much as I could. My tinnitus has now faded away completely. I thank Mana for her professional and experienced approach and I wholeheartedly recommend her for treating tinnitus."
Allison Sherburne, St Albans.

"I have been seeing Mana for quite a few years now and can honestly say that I view her treatments as an essential part of my life. She is very attuned with the mechanics of the body and always seems to know what the problem or ailment may be. Her technique is fantastic and she has a strength in her hands that still somehow manages to be very relaxing. Mostly, I like that Mana is genuinely interested in helping people to achieve optimum wellness."
Alanna, St Albans.

I have been seeing manna for about 5 years. I don’t really ever go to the Doctor - I tend to just take whatever health/ well-being issues I have to Manna and she sorts them for me. I do a stressful job and so periodically have issues with headaches, low back pain, stiff muscles and low energy. Manna helps me with all these using cupping, massage, reflexology, and acupuncture.

I know she has invested a lot of time studying the various disciplines she uses. The depth of her knowledge and understanding is not what you would typically find on the high street. She is also intuitive. Often I don’t have to tell her what is wrong - she just knows.

I like how relaxed she is and we have developed a nice patter over the years. I go for the wisdom now as much as the treatments.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Richard, St Albans


All of Mana's massage treatments are totally bespoke and focused on your specific needs from pain resolution to relaxation.


Mana uses acupuncture in her therapies to treat a wide range of conditions from wellbeing maintenance to digestive or menstrual issues.

Conditions Treated

Three-and-half years ago I started seeing Manna for a long-standing problem with my shoulder. I had been experiencing restricted movement, stiffness and pain for nearly a decade and had seen at least three different practitioners without seeing much improvement. Although my problem is not yet fully resolved I am making consistent progress.Moreover, in the meantime Mana has been able to relieve a range of symptoms related to menopause (palpitations, digestive problems, hot flushes, night sweats). I am sure I wouldn't have had such an easy transition without her. Mana is a real professional. She treats every patient as an individual, has a wealth of experience, but is humble and always eager to learn more. You will be in very good hands with her.

Anne, St Albans



Mana is simply the best therapist I have been to. She is incredibly well versed in so many techniques and uses the appropriate method to deal with whatever you are suffering from. Whether you have tennis elbow, need to relax or have a sore neck, Mana will quickly work out the issue and then apply the best technique to provide you with a long term solution.

Bimal ,St Albans.



I started to see Mana as I was struggling every month from the impact severe endometriosis and fibroids were having on my cycle. I was also having trouble to get pregnant naturally. Mana uses a combination of her expertise in both Thai and Chinese holistic therapies, which makes her really unique!Mana takes a holistic approach to her treatment and recommended dietary changes, which complemented the acupuncture and pressure point massage, which is having a positive impact on my symptoms - my period pain is now more manageable and I feel positive to be tackling it. I really enjoy the treatment, especially the massage as Mana is so good!I have now embarked on IVF and have been advised that acupuncture really supports the process, fingers crossed! Mana genuinely cares about her clients and I find her very supportive which has been a massive help to me as I go on this journey!

Sandra, St Albans

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