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Massage treatments

Mana trained in traditional Thai massage at the Wat Po School in Thailand, she has practised massage to relieve stress, ease pain and to heal for her entire career.

Her massage is unique both used independently and when used as part of an integrated treatment using pressure points, acupuncture and cupping to reach the very heart of any issue.  Each massage is also exclusive to you and your own particular needs.

Mana has a rare ability to diagnose and treat ailments, identifying  the source of the problem, rather than its presented consequence.  Her extensive training and deep seated belief in the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine has led her to explore in depth how massage can be used to relieve the presented symptoms of a problem by treating the very core problem with her own very intuitive knowledge of the body and its systems and their function.

A massage with Mana, be it for relaxation, pain or prevention you can be assured is like no other in its depth and intensity.

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